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Partial List of Clients

  • Riverside Automotive Group
  • Grand Prairie Ford
  • Steve Moore Chevrolet, Inc.
  • Mercedes Benz of San Diego

Client Testimonials

"I would recommend Steve LaPenta for any dealership looking to improve on the following items. Computer utilization, service advisor up selling, improving effective labor rates, shop work flow, customer retention, service employee training, service employee job alignment (could save you the expense of a position), installation of a quick lube teams, or any other service related issue you may be wrestling with. This allows for a very productive week.

The seven stores should realize a net profit improvement of over 25% for the first year. Steve is a great financial investment in your people and your department. We paid for your professional services in the first month!

The staff will learn more in the week that Steve LaPenta is there than they have learned in years. He is a great communicator and has a way of winning over your staff within hours and creating a refreshing attitude for the team. Steve is very straightforward so be prepared for a candid consultation.

I have had many “consultants” in to the various dealerships over the years. More often than not, they are not very detailed and certainly don’t help implement the necessary changes. However, in your case, this is much the opposite. You immediately won over the staff and put the wheels in motion for immediate improvement. "

Tim Dagenais – Owner/President
Riverside Automotive Group

"As one of the largest Ford dealers in Texas, we needed efficiency in our production system. Steve LaPenta of Dealer Automated Systems has been able to transform chaos into progress. With 50 technicians and 10 service advisors, your computer system is your lifeline. Having a great computer system does not guarantee efficiency. In our case, it actually hurt productivity until Steve reprogrammed our system and our staff on how to maximize our only commodity...time.

I highly recommend the team building skills and positive attitude of Dealer Automated Systems. I am more profitable and less stressed since we implemented their systems. My bottom line says it works. But the nice surprise was from our employees. They smile when they use their computer now and when they get their paychecks. Even our customers notice the difference by actually receiving their vehicles on time! Thanks Steve for making my life easier and more profitable."

Ronnie Black
Service Director
Grand Prairie Ford

"If you are looking to organize your service department and improve both sales volume and profit margins, I strongly recommend Steve LaPenta. His expertise in identifying the issues affecting the flow of customers in and out of the shop along with his ability to maximize the utilization of our computer system has helped improve, not only our bottom line, but also our service satisfaction index.

Steve is a quality individual whose analytical skills coupled with his systematic approach to delivering service can be beneficial to any volume dealership."

Very truly yours.
Steve Moore
Steve Moore Chevrolet, Inc

"Steve LaPenta helped Mercedes-Benz of San Diego begin to use the Reynolds & Reynolds computer system to run our service department much more efficiently. We are now using Service Scheduling to create appointments based on available time to sell daily, rather than by vehicle count, or worse by guesswork. We are using the full Electronic Dispatch function so that the technicians actually dispatch work to themselves based on their skill level. Our flagging is done electronically and within two weeks the paper flag sheets will no longer be used.

The real eye opener is that we were always jammed in service and making appointments 4 to 5, sometimes even 7 days out. We may or may not get to a customers car on the day promised and our loaner car expense was growing exponentially. In the last 14 days our appointments have come down to one or two days out, cars are being looked at on the day they came in, and the status of each vehicle and the updated expected finish time is kept up in real time.

There is always pain that comes with these types of changes, but Steve did a great job in walking our staff through the tough times. Steve is functional in R&R, ADP and UCS. He brings with him many years of experience at the dealership fixed operations level as well as experience he has gained consulting.

I can say that I highly recommend Steve if you would like to make improvements in operating your service department. I think another area that he could be very helpful with is a store that is changing from one DMS system to another."

Duane Sanders
General Manager
Mercedes Benz of San Diego
United Auto Group.

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